Elana Sztokman's JewFem blog

Elana Maryles Sztokman, PhD, writer, researcher, educator and activist, writing on issues pertaining to gender and Jewish life in Israel and around the world.


Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman is one of the leading experts on gender issues in Jewish education and Jewish life. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about a range of educational, social, and cultural issues to discussions of gender and society. She is also one of the few scholars to research male gender identity in the religious world, and has some vital insights about educating religious boys. She speaks and consults around the world on these issues, and would have happy to come to your community as well.

Some topics that Elana speaks and works on in various forums:

  • Building gender-fair Jewish schools and organizations
  • What are we really teaching? Understanding the gender messages in curricula and classrooms
  • Educating Jewish boys: Torah and compassion
  • Gender segregation in Jewish life: thinking through the issues and implications
  • The single-sex versus co-ed debate
  • Empowering Jewish girls
  • Boy crisis or girl crisis: Education is not a zero-sum game
  • Nurturing gender consciousness among staff
  • Women and power in Israeli society
  • Gender trends in Israel
  • Women, money and social capital
  • Women and Jewish philanthropy
  • Women’s empowerment through writing
  • Writing for teens
  • Body image, “modesty”, and Jewish life

If you are interested in creating a conversation about any of these issues in your community, school, or organization, please contact us. If you have an idea or burning issue that is not on this list but you think may be related, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.